Meet Ooi (pronounced “Ooo-ee”) the bush baby.

Ooi is a Galagos – the correct term for a bush baby – and he’s named after his wailing cry which sounds a lot like a human baby. He also goes by the name “Nagapie” which means ‘little night monkey’ in Afrikaans.

Found in sub-Saharan Africa, bush babies live everywhere; from woodland savannah to the rain-forest. The smallest species are mouse-sized, while the largest are about the size of cats.  They have fingers and toes, reflecting their relationship to monkeys, apes, and humans. Bush babies hide during the day and emerge at dusk to eat. You can find them moving through the trees: hanging, hopping, running, and leaping from branch to branch.

OOI the Bushbaby

Bush babies are incredibly cute with their huge eyes, pointy ears and fluffy fur

They also lead exceptionally exciting lives, they are extremely agile, and leap like squirrels from branch to branch. When on the ground, they hop on their hind legs like a kangaroo.


Facts about bush babies

  • They feed on Fruit, insects and acacia gum along with other vegetable matter
  • Using their large ears, bush babies can locate prey by sound and catch flying insects with their hands
  • Their huge eyes allow them to gather as much of the limited light available at night which allows them to see exceptionally well in the dark
  • Their eyes are so large in relation to their heads that they cannot move them in their sockets
  • They live primarily in forested areas, thickets and savannah woodlands
  • There are 3 different species of galago and 8 subspecies in total
  • They can jump up to 6.6 feet in the air thanks to very elastic joints in their lower legs
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